Widow Called Cops About Dead Man, But Her ‘Off’ Door Got Their Attention

In Glendale, Arizona, the police received a frantic phone call on Sunday morning from a distraught elderly woman in their town. A man was dead in her home, and she didn’t know what to do about it. However, when a team of officers arrived, one cop took notice at something off about her front door and acted immediately.

Geraldeine Tabor was grieving the loss of her husband, who had just passed away in their home, when she dialed 911 for help with transferring his body. A team of officers led by Sgt. Jeff Turney arrived and tried to console her as they awaited the coroner. As they comforted her, Turney looked around and noticed something amiss about the front door that didn’t sit well with him. That’s when he sent another officer down the street.

 Turney told Fox 10 that the lock on the door was broken and the knob itself wasn’t typical for an outside door, that it was more the kind used for a bathroom door inside the house. He happened to have a Home Depot card in his pocket, so he pulled it out and handed it to another officer, instructing him to head down the street to the store and get new hardware for the door. Tabor, whose husband died of natural causes, was now a widow and would live alone in this home that Turney didn’t think would be safe with the existing front lock.
Widow Called Cops About Dead Man, But Her 'Off' Door Got Their Attention
Sgt. Jeff Turney going above the call of duty, fixing the widow’s door

“It was a lock that’s normally used in the inside of the house for a bathroom and it wouldn’t latch, there was no latch to it and she was using a deadbolt to try and keep it locked at night,” Turner described to the news station. “I had a Home Depot card in my pocket, so I sent an officer to Home Depot on 43rd there and Camelback and told him to pick up a front door lock and he brought it back, and I pulled my tool bag out and we went to town and fixed it before we left.”

The grieving woman could not believe their kindness, taking it upon themselves to do something above the call of duty. “When the coroner finally came and got my husband, I walked over here and he was working on it, and I have never seen that before, that’s a new one,” she said with an appreciation for what they did for her. “They have enough, a big job taking care of us out there, they don’t need to you know, and I really do appreciate it. ”With the widow now living alone and likely having nobody else to help her, Turney said he’s happy he was there and could fix the door for her. Without his attention to this need, she wouldn’t sleep as safely in her home. But now everyone can rest a little easier, knowing her front door is secured thanks to the generosity of cops who chose to serve and protect her.

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