If You Get A Call From THIS Area Code, Don’t Answer It! Here’s The Terrifying Thing It Means

We have all received calls on our cell phones from numbers we don’t recognize and may have refused to answer it. However, chances are, you’ve received a call from one particular number that may have looked familiar, only to realize after answering it’s not what you thought. Now we know what you have or will subject yourself to if you answer the ring from one of these recognizable numbers.

Those who wish to cause you harm have become far more crafty in their tactics than one could ever know, making you become a victim before you realize it. Once you do, recourse is difficult, so you must remain on the defense by refusing to answer a call from one of these numbers. If you pick up, it’s already too late.

Unsolicited phone calls are obnoxious enough, but none are as frustrating as calls from the area code “473.” HelloGiggles reports that any phone number that starts with this specific area code is likely a scam. “The name ‘473 scam’ comes from the fact that criminals have been known to use caller IDs with the area code 473–which appears to be domestic, but is actually the area code for the island of Grenada and several other islands outside the United States,” the report explained. What’s worse is how easily they get your information without the consumer being aware of it.

This isn’t the only code in question, there’s a short list of others which you need to watch out for, included below. The scammer has a couple goals in mind once they have you on the line and the first is to trick you into calling them back, Faith Family America reports. Another tactic is to keep you on the line by either not saying anything or using an obnoxious sound, creating a sense in people to want to figure out what’s going on or who is on the line and why they are getting a call. In this seemingly innocuous moment, they are collecting personal information from you without you being aware of it.

Here’s the full list of area codes with their real origins of associate to be wary of if you don’t personally know anyone who would have reason to call you from these numbers:

242 — Bahamas

246 — Barbados

268 — Antigua

284 — British Virgin Islands

345 — Cayman Islands

441 — Bermuda

473 — Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

649 — Turks and Caicos

664 — Montserrat

721 — Sint Maarten

758 — St. Lucia

767 — Dominica

784 — St. Vincent and Grenadines

809, 829 and 849 — Dominican Republic

868 — Trinidad and Tobago

869 — St. Kitts and Nevis

876 — Jamaica

In this fast-paced digital world we live in today, scams and identity theft can happen easily and in ways most consumers would never think of. It’s important to always stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings to avoid a devastating situation later.

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