ALERT: If You Find $100 Bill On Your Windshield Don’t Touch It – Here’s What It Means And Where You Need To Take It

I don’t think there are many of us that would turn down a crisp $100 bill if someone were giving them away. To be honest, I’d take an old, crumpled up, worn out one if I thought there were any chance it would be accepted as currency. That’s why this new ploy to trick people in unsafe areas is so effective.

One lady told about her experience, thinking that she had gotten very lucky while out shopping with her son. That was not at all the case, in fact, this could have ended very badly for her.

Via Conservative Tribune:

‘Kyri Viehman came out of the Michael’s Craft store after buying Christmas decorations in Fenton, Missouri, to find a $100 bill tucked under her windshield wiper blade. Unfortunately for her, the bill was a fake and part of a scam to lure potential victims out of their cars to rob them.

In the case of Viehman, it wasn’t until after a few minutes of driving down the road that she did what most people would do: get out of the car and focus on not letting that $100 bill blow away.

A note on the fake bill said:

“Ha you thought this was real didn’t you?”

After researching on the Internet, she found that this was a common tactic for criminals. They plant the fake bill on a car, wait in the car next to that car, and hope that someone gets out of the car when they return from shopping.

At that point the criminal will rob the unsuspecting and distracted shopper, sometimes with a child to further distract them, and the criminal is gone without having to lure a victim out of the car or worry about giving a victim time to prepare against a mugging.

Viehman had her son in the car.

She posted a picture and her story on her Facebook account to give people a heads-up this Christmas shopping season. Protecting yourself against theft takes many forms, of course, but Viehman is calling on shoppers to be careful about their surroundings and always think about safety, even in what they may consider a safe place.’

This is such an important message for adults who might be busy and doing things without fulling thinking them through. You probably don’t look around at who might be in the cars around you while you’re loading your groceries and making sure your kids don’t dodge out in front of cars, but you never know who’s watching. It’s also an important message to send to our kids that while we don’t want to be jaded, there are many people around with nefarious intentions. It’s a time when we need to tread carefully but carry a big stick.

Now, of course, our first line of defense is to be smart, and not get into a bad position in the first place. To that end, if you see something like this please please get to a safe place, like a police station, before you investigate further. Your life and the lives of your children aren’t worth checking to see if you’ve been the recipient of someone’s random act of kindness.

However, should you find yourself in a situation that is less than perfect, where you’re dealing with a confrontation with someone who has bad intentions, please remember what Dana Loesch has to say:

Men, please don’t feel left out of that video, but statistically speaking your odds are a lot better in situations such as these. That said, I fully encourage that you carry the firearm of your choice as well.

It boils down to this; we can try as hard as we want, but unless we stay at home, bubble wrapped, there are going to be times when we’re targeted by bad people. The point is to stay smart so you stay alive. It would be nice to live in a fairy land where a task like going to the grocery store would never end in tragedy, but unfortunately in our day, sometimes it does. You can park under the lights and keep one hand on your Glock and the other on your kids, but you can’t possibly think of everything before they do. Partly because you have a job and a life and don’t sit around thinking up sick ways to target innocent people.

My advice here is just don’t get so caught up trying to get ahead that you lose your head. My other advice would be to carry a gun and learn how to use it.

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