Armed Woman Opens Fire, Turns Tables On Carjacking Suspect- DESTROYS HIM!

Over five percent of the adult public now has a concealed carry permit. That means that if a public event with even a small amount of people (suppose 100 or so), and a crazed gunman comes in, there will be about five people there to take him down (on average). If only there weren’t “gun free zones” (which are really just “safe spaces” for mass killers), we wouldn’t ever see a mass public shooting again.

With the increase in concealed carry, more guns have moved from the home onto the streets – and you can bet that’s going to cut down on crime. As Breitbart reports:

A female passenger turned the tables on an alleged carjacker
when she exited her vehicle at a traffic light, pulled a handgun, and opened fire.

The incident occurred in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, on Friday morning.

According to ABC 27, authorities say 45-year-old Michael Ortiz tried to rob a Walmart just before noon. Security personnel chased him from the store and into the parking lot, where he allegedly “entered a woman’s car” and told her to follow his instructions or he would give her HIV. No details were released as to whether he was or was not carrying a syringe.

There was a female passenger in the car as well. And when the driver stopped for “a red light at the intersection of Grayson and Mushroom Hill Road… the female passenger exited the car, pulled her handgun, and demanded that Ortiz get out.” He got out and tried to take away her gun, so she shot at him, forcing him to flee the scene.

Authorities have confirmed, “the woman passenger was a legal gun owner and had a permit for concealed carry.”

Ortiz remained at large on Saturday, then surrendered to police on Sunday. He is being held on $100,000 bail and is “charged with felony counts of robbery and kidnapping, as well as misdemeanor counts of unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, and retail theft.”

45-year-old Michael Ortiz tried to rob a Walmart

45-year-old Michael Ortiz tried to rob a Walmart

There are countless stories like this every year – you just don’t hear about them in the media. In fact, while the nation’s gun homicide rate has fallen in half since the 1990s, but the media’s reporting on gun homicides and mass public shootings has surged since then.

Back in 2013, the CDC released a report stating “Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent,”The $10 million study was commissioned by President Barack Obama.

When it came to the frequency of self-defensive gun uses, it stated “almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year.”

That’s a hell of a lot of self-defensive uses – but when’s the last time you saw CNN or MSNBC reporting on them? I’m assuming the answer is “never.”

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