Bodycam shows the moment a Colorado cop shoots a suicidal man holding a pellet gun after he lied about stabbing his roommate because he wanted to be killed

The shocking bodycam footage from a Colorado officer shows the moment he shot a 25-year-old man who was walking toward him with a pellet gun.

Austin Snodgrass called 911 on January 21 to report that a stranger was stabbing his roommate, according to Fort Collins Police Services.

In the video, Officer Matthew Brede responds to the scene along with another officer who isn’t show in the clip.

Brede pulls up in front of a home and is heard telling a resident in the area to go back inside because ‘there might have been a stabbing just down the street’.

After prepping his weapon, Brede then runs toward the home where Snodgrass stood waiting outside.

In the video, a man is seen walking toward the officer. Moments later, the officer is seen firing off at least four rounds as the man, later identified as Snodgrass, falls to the ground.

Get your hands out,’ the other responding officer yells as the two men approach the suspect.


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