Loudmouth Woman Leeching Off Welfare Just Got TASERED By Cop Outside Welfare Office When He Saw What She Did

An Atlanta mall security guard stumbled upon some riff-Raff happening during his shift in the Metro Mall. Two women and a bunch of their kids caused some issue that required them to be removed from mall property. The women, two of the most hood-rat looking bottom-dwellers you’ll ever see, decided to show the public why the working man is tired of paying taxes to support these literally pieces of you know what.

As the security guard confronts the hood-rats and requests that they leave, or better yet – “back it up” the women continue cussing out the guard, showing their children how you’re not supposed to be. If there was ever a group of kids that I could imagine in prison in ten years, this is it. These kids are certainly future criminals if they continue along the same uneducated path of failure as their mother. Where’s their father? Probably in jail waiting for them.

The mothers blast the security guard, whose name is Darien Long, with a tirade of swears, gay slurs, and even called him “nigul” a few times. If you weren’t sure, Darien Long is black. This was two black women calling a black man a butchered version of the “N WORD.”

It gets better.

The kids begin calling the man gay. “That’s why you gay” and the guard continues warning them to back it up and retreat. He eventually walks his way back into the Metro Mall of Atlanta and that’s when you think it’s over. Normally, that’s when both parties upset with each other go their separate ways. But not this chicken-head baby-making tax leech. She goes back INTO the mall that she was told to stay out of and gets IN HIS FACE. A grown woman, most likely the mother of at least some of those kids, starting a physical altercation with a grown man. This must be normal to her. Maybe she’s been in a few fistfights with some of her kid’s different father’s.

As the altercation gets nasty, the security guard defends himself, pushes her away, but she comes back wicked with some swinging blows in an attempt to beat him up in front of her kids.

She’s not a great role model or a much of a slugger. As she’s battling with him, he gives her a good shove to create some distance and get her away from him and out of the mall.

Nevertheless, she proceeds.

This is when the video becomes great again. Darien Long stuns the long legged human roach with a taser and she drops like a broomstick hitting the floor hard in an empty shed.


She gets back up and you think she’s ready for more, but it seems like she “learnt” her lesson this time.

A handful of angry words fly towards the security guard as he’s probably chuckling inside like he just won the lottery but doesn’t want to tell anyone.

Watch her drop like the sack of spoiled rotten yams she is.

Here’s another brilliant video featuring Darien Long.

Well this cop made it clear that he is NOT okay with being disrespected.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a woman wouldn’t stop disobeying, disrespecting, and shrieking at a guard. He gave her several warnings to stop acting out, but she ignored them.

That’s when he was forced to use his taser.

The video is making a big splash online.

If you think it’s a good idea to act like this in public, then you deserve every ounce of hilarious harassment coming your way. When you act like this in front of your own children, then maybe you should watch the video a few years later and ask yourself why your kids might be failing in school or spending time in the slammer. If your kids see YOU act like this, then they’re going to imitate this primitive behavior in school and public.

Where are the kids now? Who knows. Maybe they’re calling more security guards gay slurs, cursing them for doing their job and not talking like a ghettoized tax leech, and probably getting caught stealing like they’re in a Jane’s Addiction video.

If you ever want to know why republicans won’t invest in some neighborhoods, then take a look at these women and ask yourself – would you invest in that? What return would you ever get on your investment? Well if you’re a democrat politician, you can steal a few votes if you promise to give more welfare!

Otherwise, you wouldn’t because this behavior is unwelcome in society.

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