HOW COULD HE? Shocking Moment Cruel Dad Filmed Kicking Toddler Son On The Floor Simply ‘Because He Couldn’t Stand Up On The Snow’

A CRUEL dad was arrested after he was filmed viciously kicking his toddler son for being unable to stand on a snowy pavement.

The dad was caught on camera booting the tot across the pavement in the capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek when a witness spotted the abuse.

The footage, taken through a window, shows the lad in bulky winter clothes doing his best to stand up, having presumably fallen over.

He manages to get to his knees but then topples backwards and appears to give up, lying motionless in the snow.

It is at this point that the dad draws back his foot and delivers a vicious kick to the toddler’s hip.

The impact sends the boy’s little body scooting across the snow like a rag doll, after which the dad drags him roughly to his feet to continue their journey.

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