It’s Confirmed That Obama’s Birth Certificate Is FAKE!

Former President Barack Obama was a joke. During his 8 years of presidency, he was destroying our country in every way possible. Although he said that he would make America better and he would bring hope for its citizens, that was all lies. He tried to change everything in our country, but only damaged it. He lied about everything, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he forged his birth certificate. This was confirmed by forensic investigators on two continents.

So we all know how much of a fraud Barack Obama was. He did just about everything he possibly could to destroy this country. Obama loved to say that he worked for all Americans and that he was going to bring hope back to the country. Well, where did that hope go? It seems like we were hit hard with his lies and they caused a major rift in the United States that we are still feeling to this day. When we have a liberal president in office, we can instantly see the consequences. He tried to change the core of the United States and it backfired in a big way. Out of that, President Trump became the president of the United States

Now we are starting to find out more and more about the former president. Doesn’t it feel good to see class in the White House once again? For 8 years we had to see Michelle and Barack embarrass our country time and time again. The worst part about all of it is that he should have never been in office to begin with. We have seen that President Obama lied many times in office. Well, here is one more thing he lied about. It has been reported that Obama used a fake birth certificate in order to become President.

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